West Edge 3D’s Directors are

Moss West and Lindsay O’Reilly.

Moss West

Moss West’s background is in electronics engineering design, manufacture and sales. He has taught extensively at TAFE NSW, operated as a sole trader, and most recently led the Asia-Pacific projects division of a global company, specialising in underground communications in tunnelling projects and mines.

Lindsay O'Reilly

Lindsay O’Reilly’s background is in education. He invested 31 years in high school Visual Arts education as a teacher, Head Teacher and NSW matriculation examination (Higher School Certificate) marker. This was followed by 5.5 years in educational administration. Since 2007 he has also co-owned Ixion Model Railways (www.ixionmodels.com), a company initially registered in the UK and later in Australia, specialising in the manufacture of finescale model railway locomotives in a range of scales for the UK and Australian markets.